The one thing a business can not survive without is…

The one thing a business can not survive without is a steady stream of customers. If people are not satisfied with the quality of service they receive, they will eventually stop utilizing that company. This is one reason all employees should understand the extreme importance of answering telephone properly.

The telephone is very often the first impression potential customers will have of the professionalism and reliability of a company. If they call and are treated poorly or with disrespect, chances are they will not be making a second attempt. However , if the person on the other end of the line is well spoken and courteous, they may be more inclined to trust the business and continue the relationship.

All employees who may have any reason to answer the carpet cleaners west seneca¬† company’s phone should be trained in the proper way to do so. They need to understand that the business line is not for personal use and that the impression they make on the customer may be the only chance there is to make it a good one. While each office may have specific preferences, there are a few generalized rules that should be followed.

First thing to remember is that a customer should never be left to guess or wonder if they have reached the correct number. Every call should be answered with a courteous greeting, a note of thanks for calling followed by the name of the company and the person to whom they are speaking. This and the offer to assist them should all be delivered in a voice that is clear, concise and easy to understand.

They should know to keep their voice at a moderate volume and to speak slowly and with as clearly as possible so that the caller never has to ask for something to be repeated due to misunderstanding. They should not use popular slang or industry jargon, remembering that the customer is neither a casual acquaintance nor someone who may be familiar with business terminology. Even on rough day, the greeter should sound positive but not overly perky.

Another rule of thumb is that clients in west seneca ny rarely appreciate having to wait for assistance. Incoming calls should always be answered on or before the third ring. Should it be necessary to place them on hold for any reason whatsoever, it is important to remember to ask their permission first, as few things irritate a caller more than to have to wonder if someone is going to pick up the phone or to be sidelined without a choice.

Each and every customer should be made to feel as if they are the most important person at the time of their call. They should never be subjected to the disrespect of the speakerphone unless there is a need for multiple parties to communicate at once. Any other reason gives the impression that the one answering is too busy to give the client their undivided attention for even a couple of minutes.

The importance of answering telephone properly can not be stressed enough. Promptness, courtesy and tone are all very simple tools that could win a business a devoted customer with every call. People need to know that they are appreciated by the company and that they can trust the service and product that is being considered.

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